Tuesday, December 10, 2013

day 1 self portrait
day 2 what you wore
day 3 clouds
day 4 something green
day 5 birds eye
day 6 worms eye
day 7 fruit 
day 8 bad habit
day 9 people you love
day 11 something blue
day 12 sunset
day 14 eyes
day 15 silhouette
 day 18 shoes
day 19 something orange
day 20 bokeh
day 21 faceless self-portrait
 day 22 hands
day 23 sun flare 
day 24 animal 
day 25 something pink
 day 26 close up
 day 27 from a distance
 day 28 flowers
 day 29 black and white
day 30 self-portrait

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

this my wheres waldo where i had to hide a picture of me inside alot of pictures
this my edward gorey-esque i had to rhyme my name and make a picture ut of it
this is my celebrity picture of Zedd a famous DJ
this is my celebrity picture of Zedd and famous dj
this a picture of me cartooned with and picture of tomorrow land behind me
this is my cartoon masterpiece, as you can see i put marge simpsons face on this masterpiece,